12 August - International day of Youth

Sofia, Greenwich Book Center

While we are painting tattoos, talking about the hate speech and how we react.

Podcast about ``Hate speech``,

August 12, 2017

We asked 27 people with experience about hate speech. How did they defend themselves?

We transform the environment

Trapopost in Nadezhda district, Sofia

4 painters, local familyies with their children and youth transformed one ugly wall in a real art instalation

Inspiration for healing

Children hospital Sofia

A couple of rooms were redecoreted by young painter Ieva Krivma from Latvia

Painting as love speech

Children hospital Sofia

Florentyna Macioszczyk inspires children to see vegetables and fruites as their friends.

Bulgarian symbols

Trapopost in Lyulin 3, Sofia

Insufficient knowledge of our own history and roots, or are we accustomed first to criticize something we see then think and look for meaning?

Can painting be a tool for uniting and developing tolerance?

Work-shop of Ieva Krivma

Drawing as a technique of educating tolerance, perceiving the other with its qualities and skills, and above all, see the power of diversity in working together.

Tolerance in art


We talk with Bulgarian artist Ivanka Stavreva about tolerance in art.

A loud teraphy

Work-shop of Florentyna Macioszczyk

How the body responds to stress and speech of hatred

My Life As A Stereotype

Personal project of Angela Maddalena from Italy

I’m italian and I love jokes and silly puns about cultures and stereotypes. The goal is not to offend anyone, we only want to have fun!

Roots of Hate

Educational materials for childres

Florentyna Macioszczyk from Poland explain you in a visual way how Hate grow up and from where come. Her work is a part of our book ``Roots of Hate and How to deal with``

Education of Human Rights

Educational materials

Ieva Krivma from Latvia and hir heroes that will untroduce you your rights. All of them you can find in our book ``Roots of Hate Speech and how to deal with``

Colored Book of Ieva

Book for healing

To be in an hospital is ...., Ieva has idea how staying there could be not so hard period (for chidren, for adults, for you). See how:


Work-shop of Florentyna Macioszczyk

Sarcasm is polite agresion. How to deal with is a question that Florentina explore in her Second Work-shop

Working together

Work-shop of Ieva Krivma from Latvia

In Children hospital Sofia - new materials for Love Speech

Take a part in ``The BIG Painting``

Real action against Hate: ``How you understand the Tolerance?``

26, 27 and 28 March