Dear colleagues,

Are you searching a partner for next projects? Open Space Foundation is your right choice!

We represent a new reality in Bulgarian capital Sofia and in the province of Veliki Preslav (Bulgaria) with the aim to promote mobility and learning opportunities among young people (between 13 and 30 years old). One of our goals is to provide non-formal education opportunities for young people in international contexts, involving as many people as possible, already from the planning stage, trying always to involve others that have never participated before.

Our organization has been created by different people with extensive experience in this field.
We were always been sure that, when it comes to the opportunities that the EU offers, there is a lack of information and communication, which does not allow young people to be aware of them.
In order to bridge this gap, we are creating all the necessary tools that can allow young people to learn about opportunities. Furthermore, these tools can also give us the opportunity to involve as many young people as possible in our activities.

Youth mobilization for citizen participation, responsibility and involvement in the social, cultural and professional field are the main characteristics of the Open Space Foundation.

What we are doing:

  1. Capacity building activities: work with colleagues from Bulgaria and abroad; with youth, with teachers and parents.
  2. Advocacyfor people in risk of isolation or victim of hate speech and actions; children protection and promoting talanted young people.
  3. Cultural awereness: presenting cultural heritage, exploring our roots and make a bridge between traditions and nowadays streamings.
  4. Youth mobilization:
  • Hosting and sending groups to various: Youth exchanges and training courses.
  • Promoting and working with the European Voluntary Service. Till August 2018 we sent 30 youth in missions in Europe and Africa, and host more then 180 youth for Long-term and Short-Term EVS from Europe and Africa.
  • Promoting European and International Programs.
  • Ensure conditions and space for trainings, interships and real practices for youth.
  • Organising different activities in Sofia and in the province of Veliki Preslav.

Presentation of the Main Themes in OSF


Hoping to have presented ourselves properly, we renew our willingness to work with you.


Best regards,

Pepa Peneva

chairwoman of the board
T: +359 889 916 483