“Drawing replace garbage” once again gathers artists and children from Sofia in the tradition we create for the transformation of areas of the city.

Our project is a transformation of the folklore (from the traditional Bulgarian folklore fairytale “Garbage for plums”) and seeks to engage the audience (in several districts of Sofia) in decorating garbage bins and turning them into beautiful colored objects. Our goal, at the same time, is to create a positive attitude towards the disposal of waste at the right places in a non-standard way.

The tasks we set ourselves:

1 / to continue to transform the environment and give a new interpretation of space (turning waste bins into attractive colorful objects);

2 / to include the audience itself in transforming the space it occupies – we will work in several schools in Sofia;

3 / to create temporary employment conditions for young artists (street graffiti artists / young artists): to practice and to communicate with the people who remain and have to “consume” their art.


The project is funded under the “Culture 2018” Program of Sofia Municipality

35. School “Dobri Voinikov, Sofia
96. School “Lev N.Tolstoj”, Sofia
105. School “Atanas Dalchev”, Sofia
125. School “Bojan Penev”, Sofia