Training course “Freedom of  (Hate) Speech”.

This training introduces to participants the diversity in media communication. Develops competencies and skills to resist discriminatory messages and messages of hatred. It is suitable for active young people and young leaders interested in working with social media.

Within the training, participants acquire / expand their knowledge about:
– human rights and discriminatory practices (in the media);
– how to influence hate in the media;
– how to participate directly in the media and create content to raise awareness among young people.
Develop / upgrade skills:
– how to find and create life examples that support dialogue;
– for critical thinking;
– how to plan and implement your own media campaign
– how to present their idea / cause to a group and to attract followers.
Develop practical experience and knowledge in the field of:
– Non-formal learning (with emphasis on learning by doing);
– Working with computer applications.
– Networking
– Writing / converting messages.

Pictures from a training course in Poznan, Poland
15-20 October 2017:

Useful materials:

  • Program
  • Presentations
  • Working tasks
  • Human Rights

Here are some examples that our participants have created:

Facebook and Tumblr pages


“Freedom of speech”

Training Course “The Roots of Hate”

The emphasis in training is to clarify the mechanisms and influence of psychologically vulnerable young people through social networks. Discuss how to help young people choose a constructive path of development against an easier way to hate and look for enemies among one or other group of people.

Participants gain knowledge about:
– the psychological profile of youngsters vulnerable to attack and radicalization;
– factors favoring the development of hatred and aggressive behavior;
– Recognizing young people who are under the influence of people manipulating their judgment;
– models of work that can easily manipulate public opinion;
– scheduling and conducting sessions for the analysis of publicly relevant topics with young people, parents, colleagues;
– to support young people in their development;
– how to initiate activities that support the development (social, emotional and psychological) of young people.
Develop behavior for:
– Networking;
– Working in partnership;
– Share experience and educate others.

Pictures from a training course in Poznan, Poland,
09-15 December 2017

Useful materials: 

  • Program of the trainig;
  • Tools for analyze;
  • Presentations;

The participants have created:

Dinner together


“Together we are more strong”


Renovation house for emigrant