ECHO III: for memory’s sake” is an arts and heritage project that aims to bring together artists working in the fields of theatre, music, visual arts, and literature in order to explore tradition and culture through the themes of marriage, arranged marriages and nuclear families in the Balkan context. Specifically, the aim is to explore gender roles and norms through history and how all of the above affect young people and artists living in Europe. “ECHO III” is the continuation of ECHO I & II.


1st phase of ECHO III (Ethnographic Research)

Ethnographic research in 4 Balkan countries (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania) based on the theme of marriage in the Balkans to explore how gender issues affect the new generation.

2nd phase of ECHO III (Presentation of the results)

Research results and artistic work will be presented to the public

Theater performances in Athens (Greece) – 6-12 February 2023.

Jazz concerts in Sofia (Bulgaria) – 16, 17, 18 and 19 February 2023.

Video poems screenings  in Bucharest (Romania) – March 2023.

A poetry night  in Tirana (Albania) – March 2023.

3rd phase of ECHO III (Wandering Arts Caravan)

The goal of the Caravan is to keep talking about marriage, forced marriage and gender issues that are deep rooted in the balkan societies, through culture. Thus, the last phase of ECHO III is for the contributors of the artistic events/results to go on a tour to Balkan cities, performing their art together and present the gender roles and norms through.

To make ECHO III come true, we need you!

We are looking for 24 artists, 6 Greek, 6 Romanian, 6 Bulgarian, 6 Albanian, working in the fields of theater, music, visual arts, and literature.

Information about the art residencies  could find here:


Deadline for applying:  25 October 2022

Results will be published: 10 November 2022 

Athens Art Residency


01/2023 – 03/2023 (46 days)



Penny Boukouvala (Greece)

Stavri Nikolaou (Greece)

Vasilis Tryfoultsanis (Greece)

Mara Carutasu (Romania)

Delyan Iliev (Bulgaria)

Aulona Lupa (Greece / Albania)

Sofia Art Residency


01/2023 – 02/2023 (2 weeks) 



Dimitar Liolev (Bulgaria) – saxsophone
Stanislav Arabadjiev (Bulgaria) – piano
Stefan Goranov (Bulgaria) – drums
Cazanoi Cezar (Romania) – caval, fluet
Pantelis Stoikos (Greece) – trompet
Ilire Avdiu Venhari (Albania) – clarinet

Bucharest Art Residency

Visual Arts   

03/2023 (2 weeks)



Katarzyna Wojtczak (Greece)

Ornela Alia (Albania)

Gergana Ivanova (Bulgaria)

Ioana Turcan (Romania)

Elena Chirila (Romania)

Ana Gurdiș (Romania)

Albania Art Residency


02/2023  (2 weeks) 



Renis Hyka (Albania)

Miruna Vlada (Romania)

Jona Xhepa (Albania)

Tonia Tzirita Zacharatou (Greece)

Olya Stoyanova Djakova (Bulgaria)

Meri Dishnica (Albania)


Athens  |  6.02.2023  |  19:00  | the  premier

“When you have no other choice, you name the road others paved for you a “choice” – and you keep going. What’s left? – The memories- the memories keep you going and give you strength to move on.”

“For Memory’s Sake” – an ode to arranged marriages, unfolds in front of the audience testaments of oppression, love & choice.

A devised/documentary play created and directed by Panagiotis Liaropoulos as part of ECHO III – For Memory’s Sake implemented by the Inter Alia not-for-profit organization.

Sofia | 13.02.2023 | 19:00 |  SOHO, 4, Iskar str. 

Book premiere.

I was married off when I was fourteen. I didn’t love him. I gave birth to children and worked, gave birth to children and worked. But he remained alien to my heart. When I got really sick, I would go up to the ceiling, open the hole/skylight and scream to the sky, scream until I felt better. Therefore, if they love each other, they should take each other. Let faith not hinder them.

The research results that are published in this book are part of our work on the project “ECHO III: for memory’s sake”. Some of the stories are also video-documented.

read the book

Sofia  |  Jazz concerts

16.02.2023  |  20:00  |  in  “Портрет”, 72, Neofit Rilski str.

17.02.2023  |  20:00  |  in  Schroedinger Bar,  1, Kiril and Metodii str.

18.02.2023  |  20:00  |  in  Jazz Bar , 27, Kiril and Metodii str.

19.02.2023  |  19:00  |  in ОКИ Красно село 

Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian and Albanian musicians meet on stage to create and present a collective cross-cultural experience based on testimony, tradition and also the artistic understanding of young people about love, family and duty.
The music was created and arranged by the avant-garde Bulgarian jazz musician Dimitar Lolev – saxophone, based on Bulgarian folk songs, some of them composed for specific newlyweds.
On the stage:
Dimitar Liolev – saxsophone
Stanislav Arabadjiev – piano
Stefan Goranov – drums
Cazanoi Cezar (Romania) – caval, flut
Pantelis Stoikos (Greece) – trumpet
Ilire Avdiu Venhari (Albania) – clarinet