The project “Freedom of (hate) speech” (FHS) is an opportunity to learn and acquire the skills to resist hate speech – online and offline. Our desire is to present tools to promote important human values ​​such as non-discrimination, tolerance and inclusion in intercultural dialogue. What we offer:

     1 / Training course on “Freedom of (hate) speech”, examining the diversity of media communication. We develop competences and skills to resist discriminatory messages and messages of hate. Practice skills to generate content yourself or to oppose hate speech.

2 /  Training course “Roots of Hate” for youth workers and trainers. The focus here is to analyze what is behind the hatred and how to deal with the danger of an outbreak of hate, and even more than the risks of radicalization and aggressive reactions.

      3 / The actions are also off-line. Various art tools: drawing in public spaces, video and art installations, photography, organizing workshops can help overcome prejudices, explore, work together.

Coming in March our book “Roots of Hate and how to deal with.”

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The project is implemented with the financial support of the EU program “Erasmus+”, Key Activity 1: Mobility