with a first edition in Petrich town

October 2022

The Open Space Foundation opens doors for experimentation and discussion of topics related to our personal contribution to the surrounding world. We start in Petrich, where we have meetings with young people, studios with artists and designers, video and photo exhibitions, discussions and games.

Project goals:

1/. Active participation of young people from the town of Petrich in the preparation and implementation of measures on topics such as: countering climate change, reducing the carbon footprint, introducing the principles of the circular economy, effective waste management in the direction of “zero waste.

2/. Change in the habits, attitudes and behavior of young people in those spheres of life that are related to environmental protection, reasonable use of resources (including reuse) and decarbonization.

3/. Achieving better visibility among the general public of topics related to green transformation and nature conservation, including youth participation and youth ideas in these processes.

Activities you can get involved in: 

Traveling exhibition in schools in the region

Campaign to collect clothes, shoes and accessories that we no longer use

A workshop for making puppets for theatrical performances with materials that have lost their purpose

Organization of an event Laboratory “Move your fingers” in the city of Petrich

The “Move Your Fingers Laboratory” project is being implemented by the OPEN SPACE Foundation under the “Youth for the Environment” program of the Ministry of the Environment and Water through an assignment by RIOSV Blagoevgrad.

And participation of volunteers of “European solidarity corps” EU program.