Cultural practice related to death




When we walk around Bulgaria, our eyes are quickly drawn to these folios on the doors and walls of houses, sometimes accompanied by a large black knot. This practice is not insignificant: it is an obituary notice.

Indeed, Bulgarians usually announce the death of their loved one by means of an obituary notice that they display at the entrance of their home. This way, the neighborhood and entourage are informed. Then, 40 days after this first obituary, a short story is written, which can take the form of a poem, a personal text, so that loved ones can give expression to their feelings. The text is accompanied by a photo of the deceased and the date of death. The obituary notice is renewed every year for as long as the loved one wishes. This cultural practice emphasizes the importance of the memory of the dead. \

The date of planting is also important for Bulgarians. Every year on this occasion, the deceased’s relatives offer a cake and a meal to their guests to celebrate the deceased.


In the street of Preslav / ©Alice de Villeblanche

In the street of Preslav / ©Alice de Villeblanche