We are creating products with a cause

We are growing daily as a foundation of influencers and social entrepreneurs which contributes to civic life. Besides executing projects with the help of sponsors and donors, we are also trying to fund different initiatives for development.

You can support us by ordering our products for your relatives, friends, colleagues or for yourself. If you order different products, we will ship them as a single package.  We can write the name of the person whom the gift is for and send the present directly to him/her with a card on your behalf.

Place an order at  gifts@openspacebg.com  by describing which product you want (and its number),

  • for Bulgaria: the office of “Econt” or “Speedy” where you would like to collect it at, your names and your phone number.
  • for abroad: your address, your name and your phone number.

Thank you for your support! The world is becoming more enjoyable and beautiful THANKS TO YOU!