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Aim of the project is to assist organizations in Europe and Africa in developing their capacity to work with young people in solving the wide range of problems they encounter in their lives.
1. Creation of tools for development of leadership skills and key competencies in young people (learning skills, initiative, social and civic competences, digital skills).
2. Providing practical work by organizing information campaigns and activities, youth initiatives with international participation and local actions.
3. Analysis and recognition of non-formal and independent learning for both young people and youth workers through the promotion of lifelong learning and the dissemination of great practices.
4. Promotion of web-based system for sharing information and educational resources which can be used by the partners in the project and other stakeholders.
This project aims to build on the experience of youth workers and teams of two European and two African organizations through sampling a model for cooperation and exchange of best practices. The project envisions a wide promotion of the possibilities of non-formal education in the participating countries and familiarization with tools for self-assessment and validation of acquired skills in non-formal and independent learning.

The project happen with financial support of European program "Ërasmus+", Key Action 2: Capacity Building in the field of youth