Traditions is everything which is passed on from the past to the present. This could come in the form of a physical object, a cultural monument or a combination of both. Traditions are related to the groups of people which practice them, and they represent an inseparable part of the latter’s dynamic identity. It is thought that traditions are deep rooted practices which come from a distant, mythologize past. They are in danger of being lost and forgotten.

Contemporary research, however, is taking a stance against such dark practices which show the constantly evolving dynamic nature of culture, which adopts and adapts the past to the needs of the present. The common agreement that our globalized reality leaves little time for rumination on our local practices and lifestyles is a starting point for dialogue among artists and citizens of European local communities.

The goal of our partnership in the next two years will be for artists from Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and North Macedonia to create their own artwork and craftwork through artistic exploration and creativity in the areas of fine arts, painting, sculpture, graphic design, fashion design and craftsmanship. They will do so by researching the local heritage, and by getting inspiration from local traditions or intangible cultural heritage.

The project lasts 22 months and will include:
– researching the cultural heritage in partner countries;
– transnational mobility of artists and operators of culture;
– building up the capacities of people in the cultural sector;
– digitalisation of newly created artwork and author presentation.

We are starting with 4 art residencies:

in Spetses (Greece), Smolyan (Bulgaria), Prespa (North Macedonia) and Torula-Győr (Hungary),

in the time period between February 1st, 2021 and May 31st, 2021.

The project is co-financed by the European Programme “Creative Europe”.

Проектът се съ-финансира от Европейската програма “Творческа Европа”.


Inter Alia   (Greece)

Sfera International,  (North Macedonia)

Open Space Foundation  (Bulgaria)

Pro Progressione  (Hungary)

PostScriptum  (Greece)

Balkans Beyond Borders   (Greece)