An “Open Space” Foundation project was awarded the mark “Good practice example” for 2017

The “Art in the Public Space” project presents our program for development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills. In an effort to meet the needs of young people to combine professional development with a personal satisfaction, our team constantly seeks and creates the conditions that can help develop the knowledge and skills of young people but also allow them to put in practice what they learned. For us it is important that they learn and go through the complexity of planning, negotiating and implementing their ideas. Today’s world is highly competitive and talented young people are many, but they face the serious challenge of realizing their potential.

The focus of this project is how young people can develop through art and culture and how to find a place for expression and engagement. If they succeed in achieving it while contributing to the development of their environment and their fellow citizens, their talents and efforts will be noticed and adopted in a much more serious way.

4 volunteers from Italy, Spain and Latvia participated in the project with whom, for 8 months, we worked on several sites in Sofia:

Drawing benches on Slaveikov Square in Sofia;
Children’s Hospital Sofia;
Children’s polyclinic Sofia;
Center MIR, Fakulteta district Sofia;
Refugee Placement Center Military Rampa Sofia;
On-line presentation of books-benches in Sofia, which since 2014 we continue to paint and maintain.

The prize awarded by the National Agency for “Erasmus +” for Bulgaria – Human Resource Development Center is for everyone involved in the project:

Our volunteers:

As well as our partner organizations:
Associazione di promozione social (Italy), Esi Labs! (Latvia), Asociación Cultural En Construcción (Spain), Magyar onkenteskuldo alapitvany (Hungary), Center Inicjatyw Mlodziezowych Horyzonty (Poland), Youthfull yours sr (Slovakia).

Information on the project and its results can be found on the European Commission’s website, the dissemination platform:

The project “Art in the Public Space” is supported by the European Program “Erasmus +”, Key Activity 1: Mobility for citizens, European Voluntary Service and Study Visit.