Written and edited by Stacy Oswald


If you have been following up with activities and events from Open Space Foundation then you know this and you are probably excited right now. If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking or writing about then, you should still be excited about this right now.

The African movie screening was introduced by an ex- EVS volunteer from Open Space Foundation, Gudrun Columbus, and sadly the project, “African movie screening” was cut short after the six months of his volunteering time here in Sofia Bulgaria was over.

However, that fact, has not discouraged Open Space Foundation and THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!

The first African movie soon to be screened this season on the end of February 2018 is  “AISHA” produced by Amir Shivji and Vera Pieroth.

The movie is about a married big city pharmacist that goes back to the village to try to stop her little sister’s early marriage and instead end in a whole complex situation with an old love that is still holding on to the old memories that lead her to face a hard path and dire consequences.


To watch trailer, follow YouTube link bellow.

My name is Stacy Oswald  from Tanzania, volunteer in Open space foundation in Sofia



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