Day of Africa will celebrate together with people from different African coutriens living in Sofia and Plovdiv.

Teh celebration will be at 26 May in from of National Theater “Ivan Vazov”, Sofia. Organized by Embassies and Honorary Consulates of the African States in Bulgaria, our volunteers also will participate. probably you met them somewhere in the city: dancing, singing or just inviting you in this celebration. Now, come and see the real mood and energy from their songs, food and beauty coloring suvenirs. 

Find our team and ask them more about Uganda and Tanzania:

Ayubu Mbarazi


Racheal Nakato


Ivan Twino


Stacy Oswald


A day later: on May 27, we’ll introduce a little more detail about Uganda. Rachel and Iwan of Uganda have prepared a picnic: dances, stories, and food from the pearl of Africa, as they call Uganda.

The place: Bells, picnic grove (see map)

We start at 2:00 pm

How to get there: by metro to Business Park Sofia. From there you are on foot for 15 minutes (just cross the bridge over the ring of Sofia).