EVS Experience – Stacy

EVS Experience – Stacy (borrowed from byzance & politique)


“Today we can finally read the long-story-short of one of the most amazing persons I met in Bulgaria, a fashion-icon soon to be with a very nice background. So, let’s read about Stacy!

Stacy, 22 years old

Q:Can you please tell us your name and age? 

 Q:Where are you from and how did you find about the EVS program?

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I found about EVS through a local cultural organization I was working with.

Q:What is the country in which you are doing your EVS program and how much time was the program?

Bulgaria, 6 months.

Q:How was the decision of going there? (I mean the decision to apply for EVS in the country that you did it, if it was the first choice or you were looking to many options).

Honestly, my decision came from the thirst of wanting learn new cultures so the moment it flew by my face, I took the chance.

Q:How was the accommodation regarding the language (English plus the language spoken in the country you did your EVS)?

I spoke English most of the times but i also tried to speak to locals so I can learn a few words in Bulgarian. The challenge was fascinating.

Q:But about the project itself that you did?

The project was life changing, of course there were good and bad days but I’d do it all over again if I could.

Q:How were your expectations comparing to the reality?

Minus falling in love with someone that is so perfect, everything else meets my expectations.

Q:Which are the best things that happened? 

I did my fashion show for my final project, I made a lot of friends from other organizations that I think of as a family now.

Q:Which were the worst ones?

Being judged and misunderstood because of always standing up to what I believed in.

Q:How do you feel now when your EVS is already done?

Very happy, EVS was perfect but you have to admit it was a bubble that shields you from the reality, I  am lucky because I always knew that and I looked at this bubble as a chapter, now that chapter is over and I look forward for more to come.

Q:Would you do it again?


 Q:What would you recommend/suggest for the new people/youngsters that will go in an EVS soon?

Take a leap of faith, get a glass of Rakia and fly with the bubble.

Q:Would you do the EVS in another country?

What i would say is yes because my boyfriend is there but the truth is no because the place really doesn’t matter its the knowledge and experience I would get that counts.

Q: Is there any reason for someone to go in an EVS program? Why? 🙂

Yes, it will help you see things in a different perspective than you would, it would give you lots of connections and give you the best memories.”


Stacy had a chance to participate in European Volunteer Service on European program “Erasmus+”, Key action 2: capacity building of the filed of youth

Project “Art and culture for Unity”