With big pleasure we invite you on 21 November 2017 (Tuesday) at 6:00 pm

in Sofia Metropolitan Library, Marmara Lounge,

at the exhibition of Shamus Kagoya (Shami) from Uganda.

Almost at the final of its 6-month European Voluntary Service in Bulgaria, the Shami of Uganda share with us the most expressive moments of life in their homeland. Far from friends and family, Shami is a true ambassador of her culture. Welcome to the opening of the exhibition where you will see moments of life, joy, labor and the future through Shami’s eyes and talent.

When you hear AFRICA – Shami speaks – Probably immediately comes into your mind: war, anger, hunger, forest, poverty, corruption and many other identities trying to describe the world, but that’s not the whole story. where I come from and what I experience for my land are many different things I do not see why our current financial situation is the reason we do not want to know better – through my work, through the compositions you will see to show you the beauty and the reality of our living culture, which I know and embrace in the tempo so the “Pearl of Africa – Uganda”, which is part of the “Art and culture of unity” and thanks to “Open Space” Foundation for the hospitality and the opportunity to represent my country and my people. “

The exhibition is part of the project “Art and Culture for Unity”, co-funded by the European program “Erasmus+”, Key Activity 2: Capacity building in the field of youth.



with a hospitality of Sofia Municipality Library