With the permission of Alma Mater’s team, reprint information about the film in which we are major actors:


How does one decide to follow the good will and be devoted to a cause?

What does it mean to be a volunteer? What can you do?

What are you so passionate to change?

What can the volunteering change in you?

We cannot answer these questions on our own. We continue to strive for an answer and never stop moving. We cannot continue unless we dive in the deep and vivid world of the “volunteer” and “volunteering”. We dive bravely, but also a little bit cautiously into the world of Cate and Sham. Two young women from Africa, who made the brave decision – to leave behind the comfortable lifestyle they were living and come to Bulgaria to become volunteers. We will take part in their adventure and try to understand their constant searching. Also, what they are going through while living in Bulgaria and Europe. We are eager to get a glimpse of how their expectations have changed in time and how their mission to be “volunteers” changes their lives. We will also try to understand and feel what it means to be a volunteer and how their choice reflects the art projects they are running in Bulgaria. During our journey we will receive a lot of support from other friends too. We will get to see a different side of volunteering from Pepa Peneva – our host from Open Space Foundation, who welcomed Sham and Cate to Bulgaria. We will also meet Svetlozar Daskalov from Erasmus. Thanks to our programs from the Center of HR development, Bulgaria is being visited by hundreds of foreign volunteers every year.

Pepa Peneva,
Svetozar Daskalov,
Shami and Kati

Director: Peter Vulchev

Script: Deyan Petrov

Cinematographer: Peter Vulchev

Edit: Nevelin Vulchev

Sound mix: Vesselin Zografov

Producer: Svetlana Bozhilova


Television: BNT 2 и BNT

Date of broadcast: 29 October 2017

AMTV 2017


The volunteers Shamusa and Cate are in Bulgaria for a six-month European Volunteer Service part of the project “Art and Culture for Unity” financed by European program “Erasmus+”, Key Action 2: Capacity Building in the field of youth

The film was realized on the idea of the team of Alma Mater TV, with the support of the Bulgarian Agency for “Erasmus+”:  Human Resource Development Center