By Rachel Nakato

Edited by Stacy Oswald

No more war festival is a CVS-Bulgaria initiative in the framework of SCI international PATH project.

The topic for the festival were Antimilitarism, conflicts and forced migration, radicalisation prevention, human rights, nonviolence and violence communication, peaceful protests and social transformation, life in harmony with oneself and the environment. The goals were to enable the society to look beyond the traditional discourse.

The festival was well planned and work was distributed among all volunteers and i was one among the selected volunteers.

Before the festival we had a meeting led by a member on the international team. She talked about everything that was going to happen and the time table was given out containing all the tasks for the volunteers in three days. This festival was totally different from Uganda’s festival that i always attended.

Organising live talks, like human rights, environment and peaceful protests. People shared their life stories with a lot of emotions which touched me to tears.

Environment; bringing out issues about how people feel when you decide to carry out a business like farm management and how people positively and negatively are damaged. I enjoyed that topic because it was connecting to the situations in my society in uganda,i was happy to be in an open space where i can give in feedbacks and also listen to people’s opinions.

My task was to work with children plus other volunteers,this is where i expressed one of my facilitating skills from my organisation Soul X-pressions. We participate as creative facilitators. I really liked the way of separating place for different activities. The main place was at the Red house – center for culture and debates, and children’s workshop at the sinema hall which made the festival much more organised.

Last but not least, Live band and guitar music that produced fantastic sounds and joined our souls together volunteers and all people that attended the festival


 My name is Nakato Racheal from Uganda, volunteer in Open space foundation in Sofia



The rubric “My opinio is important” is a part of our project “Art and Culture for Unity”

supported from European program “Erasmus+”, Key Action 2: Capacity building in the field of youth