One month in Latvia – as a part of the team of youth festival in Ventspils

Today we meet Geri (Gergana Marianova) – one of our active members that took a part in a team organized and implementing a festival in Latvia. Last year Geri was one of our leaders of the Summer Camp for children in Veliki Preslav town. The work was hard but Geri didn’t give up and this summer she dare to be part of some international volunteering team. She found a project in Latvia the fit to her interest and one month latter she is back in Bulgaria speaking with this awesome experience:

I had an amazing month in Ventspils, Latvia, helping to organize a youth festival “Random Republika”! Working with locals and a group of international volunteers gave me knowledge about different countries (Spain, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Italy) and most importantly, friends for life! An ESC project is one of the best way to get out of your comfort zone, while having fun, traveling, meeting new people and making an impact on the local community. It was an amazing, yet challenging experience and it also helped me identify my strong qualities and weaknesses that I still have to work on. The month spent in Latvia inspired me to keep developing and expanding my horizons.”. 

Very soon Geri will leave Bulgaria again. She will go to UK to study movie art. We wish her interesting days and people their! We waiting all her movie productions and we know that one day you will speak about his movies.

Watch here the festival trough his eyes:

This project happen with support of European Solidarity Corps