Our volunteer on “Survival BG”.

“Survival BG” is a social event with the main idea of ​​allowing foreign citizens who live and work in Bulgaria to hear some interesting stories, give advice on life here, contact local people and with each other, to spend an interesting night together. SurvivalBG is a mix of StandUp Comedy, Story Story and Networking. Organized by two young volunteers, Erasmus + volunteers from the EU in “Foundation 42” – http://survivalbg.info

At the third edition of this event, one of the speakers was our volunteer from Uganda: Nakato Recheal. Funny, spirited and above all courageous, Rachel told her “failures” with Sofia’s public transport and how she had lost a compulsive suitor. We were glad and saw the audience love her! Because she was sincere, and only ironic.


Photos of Zornitsa Dimitrova