Sealed with love from our volunteers

We have lovingly captured moments of the work of our volunteers at the MIR center in the Faculty Quarter, Sofia.

The center is a new type of infrastructure. Its strength is that it has a positive impact on the entire community. It is located in close proximity to where people live and thus creates social and psychological comfort for the people who participate. The center was built and is supported by the Health and Social Development Foundation (Hesed) whose main mission is to work to break the vicious cycle of poverty and put vulnerable groups on a positive path of development. From December 2022, three girls from our team bring variety to the children and the team there. Music and applied arts combined with learning words in English (and for two of the girls – in Bulgarian) are the topics that the girls chose to offer to the children.

We offer you a short video that captures moments of working with children:


Volunteers: Ana Milanova (Bulgaria), Buse Elyas (Turkey) and Katia Belfadel (Algeria) are a part of our team with the support of program “Европейски корпус за солидарност” на ЕС