Accept the Rhythm   |     10-19.7. 2016  |    Kosice, Slovakia

“Accept the rhythm” Is Training course which promotes tolerance among young people from different cultures. TC will involve 26 social workers and youth leaders who are working with young people with fewer opportunities in post conflict countries (refugees, migrants, asylum seekers)

Training course will deal with the importance of reconciliation and peacebuilding process, stimulating the sense of solidarity and promoting the intercultural dialogue.

The TC will develop competences to combat hate, discrimination and calls for violence as issues resulting from the past in post-conflict areas strengthening the sense of cooperation and solidarity among countries.


– Be motivated to develop their competences in intercultural dialogue and social inclusion;

– Already have experience in working with young people, organizing initiatives and projects;

– Be able to act as a multiplier in their local community;

– Be committed to attend for the full duration of the course;

– Be aged between 18 and 35;

– Be able to work in English language 

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