My name is Twinomujuni, i arrived in Sofia a month ago and it has all been amazing,

However, I was overwhelmed about how  massively different the weather is here as compared to the one I grew up observing.

My first mean experience with the weather was when I had just arrived few hours in Bulgaria,

I mistakenly  locked myself out without a key and neither had I anything like a coat on until after about 10 minutes. I was ice, I could feel my spirit threatened to escape out of my frozen body, I could feel my blood stuck in its veins for I was ice.

Eventually the door opened after the long haul with the temperature minimal, I hardly knew about how torturing it could be, but I learnt my lesson.

Second is when I went to the Vitosha mountain with my friends and i had to go through 40 centimeters high of snow, it was an amazing task for a first timer, I was all staggering than a day drunk as i covered through through different places, until I overcame Snow logged places, then I knew that it wasn’t all a joke. To me it’s a great adventure, experiencing winter for the first time is  alot challenging but I find myself adapting.


My name is Twino Ivan  from Uganda, volunteer in Open space foundation in Sofia



The rubric “My opinio is important” is a part of our project “Art and Culture for Unity”

supported from European program “Erasmus+”, Key Action 2: Capacity building in the field of youth