About the causes, trips and emotions when you return after volunteering project

Today we are meeting you with another participant in the “Еразъм+“ program of volunteer projects: Monica Ugrenova. Days after her arrival in Bulgaria, here is what she shared  in the studio of Radio Shumen. Antony Dimov talked with her:

“Monica Ugrenova, an actor and a director of the Puppet theater in the town of Targovishte, has returned from her involvement as a volunteer on the  “Еразъм+“ project in Africa. There she worked with children in a suburb of Tanzania’s capital. Monica was the organizer and participant in one of the country’s music festivals with several thousand participants on stage.

The participation was due to the invitation by “Open Space Foundation” which also implements art projects in the town of Veliki Preslav. Upon her return to Bulgaria, Monica went on a hiking trip in Bulgarian mountains.

You will hear more about the role of the journeys in her life, the close relationships, the poverty and the happiness if you listen to the conversation with her.

Monica’s participation in the Project in Tanzania  was thank to the European program Erasmus+, Key activity 2: Capacity building in the field of youth.

Project: “F.I.R.E. – From Idea to Reality & Execution”.