Because we all need just a human attention

It is Grandma’s Day. In Bulgaria, we honor maternity care and, in general, those who help the new life flourish.

Our team has been expecting and preparing the meeting for more than a month today. We made cards, and the talents in the team also prepared some songs, including with Bulgarian lyrics.

The meeting today was emotional for both sides. The ritual we attended at the Longevity Nursing Home in Sofia will surely remain in the memories of our volunteers from Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and India. The calls for health, longevity, well-being, love and most of all our young people to marry warm our souls. We danced some of the elderly, others just smiled. And we promised to see each other very soon in their morning workshops and show something interesting to do.

Thanks to Irina Lyutskanova for the wonderful idea! It was a pleasure to participate!

It doesn’t take much. This is not about finances either. Just human presence and warm words. The rest are smiling faces and a different day for everyone involved.