We are celebrating 15!

By April 15, 2021News

This week we turn 15!

15 years since a group of bold supporters, sharing common values ​​for the development of a culture of communication, mutual support and creating conditions for the development of young people, outlined the mission of the Open Space Foundation.

We are celebrating 15 years since the establishment of OSF. 15 years of hard work, purposefulness and sharing of the cause for creating a place and conditions for development, communication and exchange. The results achieved over the years are the result of the professionalism, creativity and inspiration of our team, which has established high standards in our work:

We received the support of volunteers from Europe, Africa and Asia. So far we have welcomed in Bulgaria: 216 young people for short-term projects and 56 for long-term ones. We were supported by more than 80 people from Bulgaria. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

We thank all our partners and friends we work with!

We wish ourselves wisdom, perseverance and will in the future in the realization of our responsible mission. We thank our mentors for their patience, love and dedication:

Thank you to our sponsors for believing in us and supporting us more than once:

The KOVID pandemic still does not allow us to be together and celebrate in live party. But there will be a cocktail and guests for sure. Expect an invitation, and we will be happy to bring together the people who have contributed and continue to help us grow as an organization and support young people to find their way and achieve satisfaction.

With respect,

Pepa Peneva Veleva

Chairman of the Board of OSF