Course on “Phones and Computers for Elders” in the city of Veliki Preslav

By August 2, 2020News

Course on “Phones and Computers for Elders” in the city of Veliki Preslav

A new free of charge course for elders on working with cell phones and computers is starting in the city of Veliki Preslav on the 5th of August.

During this time when governments are implementing emergency measures to limit the propagation of COVID-19, elders have experienced isolation which affects their mental health. We are unsure of the course of the pandemic and of the future ahead of us during the winter months, which is why young adults from Veliki Preslav are starting a free course for elder citizens. The meetings with elders will allow the youths to acquaint the former with the opportunities that cell phones and computers provide.

The participants will learn:

– how to use the advantages of their cell phone
– how to make, send and receive photos and videos of their children and grandchildren
– how to search for information online
– how to work with computer programs

The course is monitored. The goal is to research how both generations can interact and help each other. The plan is to publish a small book or guide to help the elders. At the moment 9 people have had the courage to embark on the course. Because of the awareness we have of the responsibility we bear for the participants’ health, the training room will follow all social distancing and hygiene rules.

The project is realized with the support of the EU’s program “European Solidarity Corps”.