European Youth Week and meeting with our volunteers

The European Youth Week gave us two unforgettable days in Brussels.

In addition to the many events and discussions we wondered how to divert in order not to miss anything, we met with several generations of volunteers from our team.

Meeting with Conchi from Spain, Anri from Georgia, Alex from Sweden and Alice from France, who is currently a volunteer with us was a wonderful team building. We were talking about happenings from different projects. We laughed at ridiculous situations, recalling difficult moments, and especially what happened to all of them after the end of their projects.

Anty from Georgia – was our volunteer in a short-term project in the summer of 2014, who then returned to Bulgaria for a long-term service (February – December 2015). Conchi from Spain – also, after a short-term project 2015 – she wished and returned to us for another 8 months.

On the pictures in the sidelines of the European Parliament you can see what mood was. And all this: working and meeting again with such luscious people over the years is happening thanks to the European Union and the opportunities it provides for the young people and the organizations we work with them.

Otherwise, the panel discussions were moving around the upcoming elections, how to motivate people around us to vote, and what global issues require urgent solutions – such as environmental issues, inclusion of people with different needs, fake news and disinformation, the future of the Solidarity Corps. Inspirational examples from Italy (the rebuilding of historical landmarks after earthquakes) and the Budapest Bicycle Band that spreads food to homeless people, as well as the many stands in the lobby and around the Parliament, have infected and certainly motivated not only our team but many others of the participants.

We were very sad to leave the meeting. Two days! But filled with a real food for the soul!

Our participation in the events of the European Youth Week 2019 took place with the support of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the National Agency for Bulgaria – Center for Human Resources Development, who selected us to participate from the Bulgarian side.