EVS experience – Flora

Our ex-volunteer Flora (from Poland) share her experience as volunteer in program EVS.

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“Hello, again. After you meet Angie, now is the turn of Flora to express herself regarding EVS project (in an ‘official’ way, no?).

Flora :)


Q:Can you please tell us your name and age?

Florentyna, for friends – Flora, 28 really soon.

Q:Where are you from and how did you find about the EVS program?

I come from space, but I was born in Poland hehe. Once I met an amazing and inspired woman, she was the coordinator of this program and suggested – Flora, make EVS, this will change your life, she was right …

Q:What is the country in which you are doing your EVS program and how much time was the program?

I made my EVS in beautiful Bulgaria, I was spend there 8 months

Q:How was the decision of going there? (I mean the decision to apply for EVS in the country that you did it, if it was the first choice or you were looking to many options).

Ok, so because I do not believe in coincidence, I think Bulgaria chose me. In October 2016 I was in life loop with my life and I went to Sofia for a study visit for one week without knowing language, without nobody next to me. I met Pepa, she was my future coordinator, but then I did not know it yet. I’m in love with Sofia, Pepa and an international company, so during this trip I decide I want to go back. After 7 months, this girl organization, which I mention earlier, wrote to me about possibility to make EVS and I decided in three days. I quit the job that I considered my dream job for 3 years, I rent a flat and on August 1 I came to Sofia, I was terrified…

Q:How was the accommodation regarding the language (English plus the language spoken in the country you did your EVS)?

As I mentioned when I came to Sofia, I was terrified – what I’m doing, I do not know the language, but it was too late for this kind of thoughts hehe . The first week I stamped my legs that I can not express myself properly. However, I met very forgiving people, friends who caught what he wants to say, Angela Maddalena, Dziekuje; * 

Day by day, I decided that I will give myself time and I will forgive myself for my mistakes, after three months I saw a change – I could even run a monologue- on the misfortune of my roommates haha. I like English, I use and I will use. Is really important for me, without this I can not travel comfortable. As for Bulgarski, the language in grammar is similar to the Polish way of compiling sentences hehe, which is why I quickly caught it. I spoke in my way- how I could and knew. Bulgarians are understanding, when I tried to say something in their language, they appreciate it. I do not say it was sometimes difficult, but the smile and good intentions helped to get along. And the language of the body.

Q:But about the project itself that you did?

The project turned out to be amazing, at the beginning I only knew the subject – not inciting hatred, human rights. When I started my adventure in Bulgaria, I used to paint in the hospital, smaller buildings called Sofia – trafoposty, after that I realized that this is what makes me happy and makes my heart beat faster. I had a 5 year break in painting, I did not believe in myself, this time it was different. More deliberately, I entered the process, with more attention and eloquence to myself and paints. The next activities included painting, art, and theater. 
I was doing a workshop on screaming and sarcasm. Such a beautiful and creative way of talking about how hate speech influences us. The final effect of my Evs was the publication of a book about human rights for children and teachers with illustrations of my authorship.

Q:How were your expectations comparing to the reality?

I did not know what awaits me, I did not have expectations. However, I knew that if this opportunity meets me, it is worth taking advantage of it. Reality surprised me many times, I always approach it with curiosity, so it was also in the case of EVS. It was so far an adventure of life, learning and a lesson of tolerance, understanding for yourself, your art and other.

Q:Which are the best things that happened?

I met amazing people, I can mentioned them all but I think I don’t have so much space haha but they know this.. I hope… Right now I have a lot of friends from all around world and still I meet them. I meet myself, I found taste of my life and also my passions. Creativity and spontaneity in creating process. I traveled a lot – I think that EVS made me stronger and more independent and brave, could meet me something more precious.

 Q:Which were the worst ones?

I have fallen in love, and he had to return to his country. I think EVS is like a bubble and establishing relationships is difficult at this time; it is unknown later how to continue such a relationship. And also when I had to say goodbye, because friends finished their adventure with Bulgaria before me.

Q:How do you feel now when your EVS is already done?

At the beginning I was lost, I did not want to come back to Poland, I did not see myself in this country. Today, however, I feel the gratitude and determination to continue what I started in Bulgaria and with similar flow and confidence. I decided to get involved in the help of my organization sending in the projects. After two months, several trainings, a few small actions and many proposals for cooperation, she feels calmer and motivated to work. I think about opening foundation with my friend hehe.

 Q:Would you do it again?

I really want to make next EVS. I really regret that is only one time possibility to experience this adventure. I recommend for all of You whom read this interview- Go for EVS. Of course, for me was escape from Poland because I never felt there like is my place. But what I founded on EVS in like new life, new breath in Your lungs.This time is only for You, for Your developing and traveling.

 Q:What would you recommend/suggest for the new people/youngsters that will go in an EVS soon?

Dear soon EVSers,

 As I mentioned earlier, being a volunteer abroad has its strengths and weaknesses. I recommend surrendering to the wave, spontaneity and when you feel on the right path, use the opportunities that give you yours Hosting organization. If it does not give, do not get depressed just engage in your friends actions, events, helping each other and support. If you get into a fight about wash dishes with flatmate, sometimes you just need to talk.

Remember about communication, Your needs are important, but make space also for another needs. Travel as much as you can – your EVS will take on the taste of adventure. Be open to new things, new cultures and will not always how You wish. If you do not speak English, or you think so – be brave, take a chance, talk after time it will become your habit. Try, experience, extension reality.

Q:Would you do the EVS in another country?


Q: Is there any reason for someone to go in an EVS program? Why? :)

And one more thing that EVS can do for you. This adventure is not only a new place, people, language, sightseeing and deepening of my inner self as well as learning and intellectual and professional development. After EVS you get Yout-pass Certificate. Well seen in a job interview. And there are opportunities for you to participate in international trainings and projects.”


Flara had a chance to be volunteer in Bulgaria thanks of European program “Erasmus+”, key action 1: key action 1- mobility for youth

Project: “Freedom of (Hate) Speech”