EVS in Tanzania: community work

Without plastic bags

Since June 1, Tanzania officially forbids the using of plastic bags . The Ordinance is in force on June 1, 2019, and a fine of up to $ 400,000 is made by bag makers or two years in prison. For people who use bags – smooth is about 13 dollars (which is made for part of the local people is a serious amount).

With this act, Tanzania places pages like Rwanda and Kenya out of a total of 12 African countries that have so far tackled a highly polluting product.

Our volunteers there: Monica and Maria initiated a campaign to clean Chamwino on June 1. Photos from the action:

Monika and Maria are volunteers under program European volunteer service, in the project “F.I.R.E. – From Idea to Reality & Execution” so-financed for program  “Erasmus+” of European Union, Key Action 2: capacity building in the field of youth.