Greetings from Georgia

Greetings from Georgia!

Around Christmas, we are excited and waiting for…some miracles and magic!

However, for those who are far from home, there is some nostalgia (probably). Today, we share with you what a tsunami of emotions hit us because of a person abroad.

We are talking about a volunteer of ours from Tbilisi, Georgia. There, she collects information for the country’s cultural heritage (material and non-material) and creates contacts for enlargement of our net of organizations that work on the topic of preserving and presenting cultural practices. Today, we received a small box full of wonderful surprises! The most impressive of them are those three dolls:

And here what our volunteer their shares:

Street art and the hidden messages of Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the capital and the biggest city in Georgia. The name of the city comes from ancient Georgian and means “the warm place”. There is a number of legends which narrate how exactly the name appeared and why. Some of them include warm mineral springs, others include even pheasants, but now I will not narrate them to you because I want to share about another warmth that I felt in the city.

When you step on Georgian land, the first thing that you see in your legs, makes you smile and feel desired.

The inscription is integrated in every gate of the airport.

This happened in 2015 because of the Olympic Games, but I will not go into details, which are not important for this story. The significant thing is the feeling which a tourist would feel when coming for the first time in the country.

When the already smiling tourist somehow reaches the city (by bus, YandexGo, Bolt, a friend’s car, or by one of the many taxi cars), they will want to connect to the Internet in order to do everything a person does in the 21st century. During the trip from the airport to the city center, the smile has withered a bit, but it blooms again when the tourist sees that in Tbilisi there free Wi-Fi net called “Tbilisi loves you.”

There is one wonderful proverb in Bulgarian that says: “Whatever called, the same answered.” Here, the tourist will do exactly this.

Let’s accept that the tourist has rented a flat in the city and needs to rename their home net. After all, our main character is not so superficial. Of course, they will show their love to the city in a deeper way. Wait for it!

The walk starts from Aghmashenebeli ave. and continues through the pedestrian zone full of cafes and restaurants, each of which has different style and is ready to satisfy all of the city guests’ wishes.

The beginning of the street starts with an inscription which makes you smile again. Not you, dear reader, not yet, our tourist.

The smiling tourist starts walking on the street and sees a café with the same name. The thought if he would be healed if he enters crosses their mind. What about the next café? The tourist enters one of the cafes and immediately receives chacha, local traditional drink, which has a calming effect…”

We guess that you are already excited and must be waiting to understand more about the findings and impressions of our person in Tbilisi! Follow us here or on social #GeorgiaCulturalHeritage  #InheritedCulture  and very soon on our special site:

The project is realized with a support of program “European Solidarity Corps” of EU and HRDC – agency that operated the program ESC for Bulgaria.