Kick-off meeting – ECHO Accademies – Athens, Greece


Kick-off meeting of the “ECHO Academies” project in Athens

A wonderful occasion brought us together in Athens with colleagues we have been working with since 2018! We are launching our new project “ECHO Academies”, which comes as a continuation of our work so far on the topic of cultural heritage research in the Balkans:  ECHO, ECHO ii и ECHO iii

Before experience from our previous projects together, the project tries to tackle the issues of visibility, networking, employability and market entry opportunities for new European talent.

Project goals:

1/. to express and present European heritage in a new way,

2/.  to offer new tools and skills for artists and professionals,

3/. to create working networks between artists and professionals with the art market.

The project will take place in the period February 2023 – December 2024 and will enable 40 artists to participate in 4 Academies in 4 of the 5 partner countries. Each of us will welcome artists from different arts::

  • Hungary: photography and architecture;
  • Greece: comics;
  • North Macedonia: music;
  • Bulgaria: fashion design.


Open call with conditions will be published next month.


The project is implemented with the financial support of the “Creative Europe” program of the EU.