Today we are busy with the pleasant mission of handing out letters written by several children from Uganda to their peers in Sliven town (Bulgaria).

Gennadi, who is on a 6-month voluntary mission in Uganda, is launching a campaign in which children from Uganda and Bulgaria make contact and start writing each other. 15 letters are looking for their recipients in Bulgaria, and their authors from Uganda – answers to learn more about life and people in Bulgaria.

After publishing on Facebook, there were more people willing to join in Bulgaria, as one school in Veliki Preslav town also expressed interest in traditional correspondence with sheet and pencil.

Children from Uganda promised to answer to all letters they received. And our volunteer Gena(ta) will help kids who, through letters, will develop their communication skills. With the introduction of technology, we have forgotten not only to write, but also to speak grammatically. Through letters, children will develop their language skills, but also the pleasure of sharing their culture and dreams. They will find another one, and perhaps with her friends.

Gеna’s participation in Uganda is an European Voluntary Service, part of our project “Art and Culture fro Unity”, funded by the “Erasmus+” program of European union, Key Activity 2: Capacity building of the field of Youth.