Mission “Volunteer”

Mission “Volunteer”


10 days ago we sent a wonderful team of young people who volunteered with us in Petrich.

In this short video they present interesting moments from their work in Bulgaria. Although for a short period (45 days) believe me, many things have been done:

  • we painted games on the asphalt in the park;
  • helped for events organized by the Municipality of Petrich for Easter, St. George’s Day, May celebrations;
  • made a language cafe;
  • glider “We are painting the Historical Museum of Petrich”;
  • “Afternoon around the museum” – an event with many workshops and games, officially proclaimed as the “First Petrichiada 2022”;
  • a survey among local people “What do you know about the history of Petrich” (and a film on the subject);
  • met with high school students in Petrich, where they presented the Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps programs;
  • online advertising of the city;
  • theatrical workshop;
  • organized cultural evenings to present their countries;
  • helped (and interfered a little 8-)) in the arrangement of the new building of the Historical Museum in Petrich and participated in the official opening of the magnificent museum building (which we highly recommend visiting).

The production is the work of Buse Naz Elyas from Turkey.

What else happened during their weekend and how they developed and got to know each other, see in the video:

The project realized with a support of program European solidarity corps of EU.