Opening conference of the “Move Your Finger” Project

Opening conference of the “Move Your Finger” Project

On August 11th, 2020, the opening conference on the “Move Your Finger’’ project was held in the park of the city of Veliki Preslav. The project is financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sport along the “National Program for Youth” 2016-2020. The meeting with Pepa Peneva from the Open Space Foundation clarified to the public and media representatives the main activities of the project and the program which will finance them.

“Move Your Finger” is a project which will encourage young people in Veliki Preslav to be active in initiating and realizing voluntary projects which will choose and renovate at least 4 spots in the city which need renovation. On August 25th the citizens will choose which ideas will be supported and come to fruition.

For each of the locations the budget for materials and tools will be provided, while the work will be held on a voluntary basis by the city’s inhabitants.

The team of the Open Space Foundation has been working in the city of Veliki Preslav since 2013 in conjunction with the municipality’s administration, and the foundation has realized many other projects related to youth activities, education and volunteering.

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