A couple of days of my life as a volunteer

А couple of days from the life of one of our volunteers. 

One of our volunteers – Jaime Cano Garicia (from Spain), shares:

My experience at Petrich (one town in the south of Bulgaria) was very helpful in continuing my learning in the field of archaeology.
In this town, I was helping to inventory archaeological objects that in the future will be exhibited in the new archaeological museum that is going to open in the town itself.
During these days that I was helping in the local archaeological museum and in the archaeological site, I learned various knowledge that I did not know and are currently very useful for the field of archaeology, these knowledge are; handle a professional camera properly to inventory archaeological objects, tips on archaeological restoration and conservation, as well as an adequate description of the archaeological artifacts
Finally, comment that this experience has helped me to continue enriching my knowledge of archaeology.

Jaime Cano Garcia is a volunteer in our team with a support of program “European Solidarity Corps” of EU