A premier for Bulgaria of Italian movie “Lea” – 5.12.2018

A premier for Bulgaria of Italian movie “Lea” on Marco Tulio Gorgana and discussion 


”Open Space” Foundation kindly invites you to the free screening of the movie ”Lea”, which narrates the true story of Lea Garofalo (1974-2009), a young woman who decides to speak up and take action against ‘ndrangheta, the mafia-type organized crime group based in Calabria (South Italy), in which many of her acquaintances are implicated. The events take place in many locations in Italy, from Petilia Policastro, the little town in Calabria where Lea is born, to Milan, the big city full of opportunities where she relocates with her partner and her daughter.

Her story gives us many topics for a discussion: what does it mean to be born in a mafia family? Which situations do judicial witnesses need to face? How do organized crime, illegality or corruption show up in in our daily life, in our own countries? Is there a way to be more aware of the phenomenon and how to combat it?

When: Wednesday 5th December, 18.30h.
Where: SOHO Sofia, 4 ulitsa Iskar, Sofia

Projection of the movie Lea by Marco Tullio Giordana and a discussion


This event is an idea of our volunteer from Italy – Marta Buggio –
a team member of Open Space with support of program “Erasmus+” of EU,

KA1: European Volunteer Service