Call for ART- Residence

CALL for Participants


in Bitola, Macedonia –  22 October 2018 – 22 November 2018 

Novi Sad, Serbia –  22 October 2018 – 22 November 2018 

 Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria,   09 March 2019 – 09 April 2019 and

pleners in Sofia and Shumen town  – 01 December 2018 – 01 February 2019 

Topic: Black Heritage

coping with traumatic experiences and traumatic heritage has therapeutic effects. The invitation for artists is to focus on the “Dark Heritage” as part of the local identity, shaped by the “unknown” and “unrecognized” facts that trample a group of people and define their culture.

Deadline for application: 2 September 2018


Dear friends,

The Open Space Foundation is pleased to invite you to participate in residences in Macedonia and Serbia. Within a month, our partners in Bitola, Macedonia and Novi Sad, Serbia will host artists from Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia to create art, provoked and inspired by the idea of ​​creating a new environment.

After that articts will lead 2 pleners with student in art schools in Sofia and Shumen town – 1 December 2018 – 1 February 2019

and will take a part in art-reidence in Veliki Preslav town – 09 March 2019 – 09 April 2019 


Dates of the first art-residens: 22 October to 22 November 2018


– Bitola, Macedonia – 1 person from Bulgaria;
– Novi Sad, Serbia – 1 person from Bulgaria;

Topic: Black (dark) heritage

The work of the artists will be organized on the basis of direct communication with the local community and familiarization with the effects of specific selected historical moments important for the respective community in Bitola and Novi Sad.

Details of each of the dwellings can be found here:

  • Bitola, Macedonia:  Art residency Bitola – Info Pack
  • Novi Sad, Serbia:  Info pack Novi Sad ECHO


The specific courses for participation are:
– Painting
– Performance
– Visual arts and installations
– Music
– Photography
– Fresco
– Crafts


The residence program is built on the principle of active communication with local people and includes events with their participation.

The residence provides:

– Food and accommodation;
Work materials;
Free internet connection;
Organized transport for the period of residence (in case of need);
Contact with the local community;
Written materials on the subject;
Accompanying program related to the topic of residence;
Visiting historic landmarks in the region;
Closing exhibition at the end of the residence;
Media coverage of residence;
Certificate of participation;
Presentation of artists in a home documentary;
Presentation of the participants and their works through:
Closing exhibition in Bulgaria in early April 2019;
– Online exhibition of works;
– producing cards for sale.

The cost of traveling to the residence is covered by the hosts after submission of tickets and travel documents.

Application conditions:

Each candidate must send:

– curriculum vitae;
– indicates the selected ART-Residence;
– present their own works by mentioning a current internet site, portfolio or photos;
– a brief description of the specific idea of ​​your stay at the residence, which should be tied to the topic.

Keep in mind that staying throughout your stay is desirable.

Selection of participants:

The participants will be selected by a jury.


Deadline for application: 2 September 2018

Disclosure: September 5, 2018

Applications are accepted at the following address:


Host organizations:


Solunska 151,
7000, Bitola,


Vase Stajića 20D/1,
21 000 Novi Sad

Co-financed be European program “Creative Europe”