Call for Short-term EVS in archeological excavations Veliki Preslav town, Bulgaria

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Open Space Foundation annonce open call for a Short term EVS:  Not Just History


Topic: new skills and knowledge in a field of Archeological activities, History and Culture Awareness.


WHEN: 01.08.2019 – 15.09.2019   
WHERE: Bulgaria, Veliki Preslav town – the second capital of Bulgaria






  • Hepling in archaeological complex Old capital Preslav and Archaeological museum.
  • Historical and cultural awareness and actions for populating the region.

for more information about previous EVS project:


see the movie:



24 youth (17-29 years old) – International group, people from different countries

Eligible countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

4 participants max per one country

PROFILE of participants:


  • Working language – English (or 1 of participants have to know English very good and to help of the rest of the participants from the same country);
  • Participants that study Archaeology or History or unemployment youth people with interest in the topic,
  • An  experience in youth programs is not obligatory
WHAT SUPPORT is insured:

Program “Erasmus+” ensured:

  • Your accommodation;
  • House related expenses (electricity and water);
  • Money for food – that you will receive in 2 parts;
  • Pocket money for you;
  • Insurance (45 days project period + 2 months after project dates)
  • Money for transport expense from your place to Veliki Preslav town (according to distance calculator of EU, see the table bellow);
  • Money for working materials

For the travel costs: there are unit costs depending on distance from your country to the venue. Please use a distance calculator on the European commission website:

The unit travel costs:

Check please how much km are from your place of leaving to our venue: According to the distance calculator of EU, money for transport expenses:
Between 100 km till 499 km 180 euro
Between 500 km till 1999 km 275 euro
Between 200 km till 2999 km 360 euro



What will happen in the frame of the project:

  • Knowledge that you will learn in the frame of the project?
  1. Specifics for the profession of archaeologists and working in an archeological area:

1.1. How to hunt different archaeological sites (movable and immovable);

1.2. How to prepare and implement plans (regular) and rescue excavations or underwater research;

1.3. How to make a scientific treatment of excavated monuments;

1.4. How to use and prepare scientific and reference documentation;

1.5. How to work with instrumentation – line calipers, scales, etc..;

1.6. In conducting excavations – how to work with different maps, geophysical and building tools, cameras, packaging materials;

1.7. How to preserve and store objects and artifacts;

1.8. Work in a team or independently.

  1. Facts and information about the history of the Balkans and Europe:

2.1. Information about material and spiritual culture of the people of the past;

2.2. Reconstruct the history of the continent of Europe in ancient times.


  • Within the project, you have the opportunity to develop your own project. This could be:

– archaeological,

– comparison to historical data,

– media work to promote Preslav and old history in Internet and social nets,

– or something else in connection with cultural knowledge and awareness.


  • Cultural awareness and trips:

– Veliki Preslav is very close to the seaside, so in your day-off you may to visit our sea resorts: Varna town, Golden sands, St.Konstantin and Elena, Albena, Kavarna (100 – 150 km distance).

– Or other historical places: Pliska (first capital of Bulgaria – 35 km), Veliko Turnovo town (third capital – 90 km).

– and of course to see Sofia city.

One of the possible places for a trip is Istanbul: 10,5 hours with a bus, 60 euros return ticket. Also: Bucharest, Romania (200 km from Veliki Preslav)


For us would be pleasure to know something new about your country, history and people (old and nowadays) so you are welcome to share with us your culture, food or what you want. Local people will be invited too, so our project “NOT JUST HISTORY” is more that helping to archeologists, this is a project for cultural awareness. YOUR ARE WELCOME!


  • In the end of the project, you will receive Youthpass certificate – document that is registered in EU database.


RULES of program Erasmus+:

EVS Projects happen in very strict rules. You should have your SENDING ORGANIZATION from your country, that will prepare you before leaving and will be in contact with you on the time of the project.

This organization have to be accredited to SEND volunteers in abroad.  Here is a database of Accredited organizations:  



Application form:

Deadline for applying: 15 April 2019

Selection process: 16 – 25 April 2019


Best wishes,

Pepa Peneva,

Open Space Foundation,