Christmas cards with the children from the Faculty quarter


Christmas cards will delight the families of our youngest friends from the Faculty quarter in the city of Sofia


For the second month now, our volunteers under the European Solidarity Corps program have been working with children from the Faculty quarter in Sofia. Busse from Turkey teaches applied arts classes, and Katia from Algeria and Ani from Bulgaria teach English lessons through children’s songs.

This week’s Applied Arts Workshop theme was Christmas cards. Besides developing the fine motor skills of the hands, the children get to know the different colors and shapes, assembling and gluing techniques, and take the finished products home to make their families happy.

Working with children is emotional and bonding. Our volunteers are also trained: to work with children of different ages, to introduce themselves in Bulgarian, to give work instructions, to support and encourage.

The work will continue next year, thanks to the support of the European Solidarity Corps program and the willingness of these young people to dedicate their time and talents to social causes. Solidarity is a feeling of unity in understanding, mutual support and closeness. Solidarity is an attitude that binds people to each other. We send off this year with gratitude for all it has brought us. About the meetings. About friendships. For the trust. For love. We hope to continue to discover them next year. Let’s share. Let’s give. And let’s not stop dreaming of an even better world for all of us!