“Digital magic”, a course in 3D modeling

We are starting a course in programming and 3D modeling with young people from the town of Veliki Preslav.

Our volunteers Jaime and Yash will demonstrate the first steps in this matter and reveal some important secrets in this area. 3D models are used for a variety of media, including video games, movies, architecture, illustration, engineering and commercial advertising. The process of 3D modeling creates a digital object that can be fully animated which makes the former an integral process for animating characters and special effects. Jaime is going to present how to model and texture an object such as a shelf, while Yash will present the main programming languages ​​and explain which one is preferably used under different circumstances.


The purpose of this course is to reveal the secrets to a group of curious teenagers who have revealed in the summer of 2020 that they are seriously interested in this topic.

The course will be conducted online. It will combine theory, demonstrations and many homework assignments. We hope to see models created by these young people soon, and we will be there to help these young people evolve.

“Digital magic” is taking place thanks to the European Solidarity Corps. Jaime and Yash are part of our team in the time period spanning from October 2020 till August 2021. Follow us here and on our social media to find out more about our projects.