The first bulletin of our ECHO – ‘’European Cultural Heritage on stage’’ project, is out now!

The impressions of the artists participating in the art residences in Bitola (Macedonia) and Novi Sad (Serbia) and what comes next.

Tragedy and horror play a part in the work of Martina – (one of the Bulgarian artists), but at the same time, her art shows both the pain people can cause to one another and the hope that shines in the darkness. Through her art Martina tries to teach people a lesson with a really important message: everything is in our hands, every good and every bad decision.

Ivanka or just Ivy: Her project also transmits one very important message about our actions and their consequences. “People are capable of building a tank, but they can also plant a flower,” she says,  as she tries to show through her art that everything good or bad is in the mind of every person, and every action has its consequences.

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