ECHO – European Cultural Heritage Onstage Kick Off Meeting

From 20 to 23 July, a meeting was held in Athens (Greece) to launch the ECHO (European Cultural Heritage) project.

The project aims to improve cultural production and strengthen the European sense of belonging by combining contemporary art with the grim cultural heritage of local communities in Europe. Photography, video, painting and crafts are the means to be used to reveal the material and intangible local heritage.

Within the meeting were discussed the activities and tasks of each partner, deadlines and criterias for the selection of participants, documents and a plan to ensure co-financing under the project.

In the next two months, artists from each of the participating countries will be selected for art residences in Serbia and Macedonia. A cinema team from Greece will documenary the artists’ meetings with local communities and their work on creating cultural products.

In early April 2019, in Veliki Preslav (Bulgaria), he will organize an exhibition of the cultural phenomena produced and a meeting with the participants in the residences.

Information about the project and its work on it can be tracked here:


The project happen with co-financial support of EU program “Creative Europe”