Educational materials from the ACTion project are now in action on the “School” platform

The Educational Materials from the “ACTIon” Project are already in action in the “” platform

In today’s ever-expanding flow of information, media literacy and an understanding of online rights are essential. They become key skills for every student and teacher who strives for a well-rounded education and successful participation in the digital society. The training materials developed within the ACTIon project are already part of the “” educational platform and are used by teachers in Bulgaria.

Media Literacy: The Path to Critical Thinking

These materials are the result of a thorough analysis of existing resources and the efforts of a team of researchers and experts in the field. Two training programs (MOLA and DigiPack) were created and piloted in Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia and Germany, and later adapted into a self-study version via mobile phones – the F.I.R.E. application. Now, these valuable resources are now available on the platform. They not only provide useful knowledge on the subject “Civic Education”, but are also a tool for building media literacy among students.

Digital Rights: including in the Virtual World

Virtual space offers limitless possibilities, but it also requires knowledge of the rights that regulate it. The materials offered by our team not only provide students with fundamental knowledge of their online rights, but also prepare them for active participation in the digital society.

Teacher Support: A Growing Need

The training materials from the ACTIon project, which are already available on the “” platform, are not limited to the subject “Civic Education”. They are integrated and prepared to be useful to any educator looking for ways to build media literacy in students. This resource is a source of inspiration and assistance for the development of curricula and strategies that actively include the digital environment in the educational process. Learning materials created within the framework of the ACTIon project are now available in “”, which support the educational goals of media literacy and knowledge of online rights. Our programs are a place where knowledge, creativity and virtual security intertwine, providing educators and students with an environment for development and understanding in a new digital world.

Project Funded by: Erasmus+, Support for Policy Reform, KA3 Social Inclusion through Education, training and youth