Europe is arriving in the city of Veliki Preslav

Europe is arriving in the city of Veliki Preslav

25 young people come as volunteers to Veliki Preslav to take part in the summer excavations and the work of local cultural institutions.

The youths will be in the city until the end of august. Part of the volunteers will be engaged with the excavation work and with the museum. They will clean up and digitalize found objects, and make 3D reconstructions of artefacts.

Another group will work in the City Library of Veliki Preslav and in the Community Centre by helping with the summer workshops for children and youths. They will teach computer modelling, video editing, languages and board games. The workshops will be free of charge because we want to make the summer more fun and more meaningful. We will work with local non-governmental organizations to support them in their registration and in their search for partners from Europe for project activities. We want the city to attract attention. We want the city to be visited by tourists, and we want the local people find meaning in staying in the area and taking action for the development of the region.

The situation is quite complex. The risk of COVID-19 has not passed yet, which is why some of the participants have not arrived yet. The team is in contact with each of these young adults and provides full support in their travels to Bulgaria and the city itself. Here we are respecting all recommended measures for the safety of the young adults and local citizens.

The project is realized with the support of the EU’s program “Erasmus+”, in partnership with organisations from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Ireland.