For the sixth year in Veliki Preslav, more than 200 participants from the Regional Club “Tradition” students, guests and local amateurs presented a historic restoration of the military action for the Liberation of Veliki Preslav from the Ottoman yoke.

The performance on the central city square recalled the glorious days of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, when Bulgarian militias and Russian troops liberated Preslav and the neighboring villages.

The old capital is among the few Bulgarian cities with a written monument of those times – a local resident noted the fateful times on the beam of the Revival church in Preslav.

Our team is on the scene. We will hear their impressions and interview with participants in the celebrations in the next podcast of #ArtCastRadio

Pictures: Захари Минчев и Владимир Йорданов,   Hunt on Photos Studio