Directly from Uganda: Letters to New Friends – continuation


You probably remember our “Letters in search of new friends” report, in which we told about the letters of Ugandan children seeking their Bulgarian friends. At the idea of Genata, our volunteer in Kampala (Uganda), 15 letters arrived in Bulgaria for a school in Sliven town. Meanwhile, however, two more schools wished to take part in seeing us on Facebook, and as a result: more than 50 letters from Bulgarian children went to Uganda.

A month and a half later, Genna sends photos from the replies:


And here in Bulgaria, together with children from Sliven, Veliki Preslav and Sofia, we can not wait to receive the answers. The campaign is valuable not only because Genata is encouraging children to find new friends and get to know another culture, but also through the development of communication skills, written correspondence, and not last: real practicing in a new language they learn at school.

Gena’s participation in Uganda is a European Voluntary Service, part of our “Art and Culture for Unity” project,
funded by the Erasmus + European Program, Key Activity 2: Developing the Capacity of Workers in the Youth Field.