Mission “Cairo” or what is to be volunteer in Egypt?

Mission “Cairo” or what is to be volunteer in Egypt

In the focus of our attention today in Vasil Zhelyazkov (Vasko), who shares what it is like to be a volunteer directly from Cairo:

I have only been in Egypt for three months, and I feel like I’ve seen a lot. I’m not sure if anything  would be able to surprised after my stay here. Cairo is the city that never sleeps and on the streets it’s full of people up to 2-3 o’clock in the morning. In Cairo live over 30 million people of different nationalities and one can see absolutely everything. It is definitely very cool to endure the “winter” almost without any warm clothes at the “freezing” temperatures of 15 to 25 degrees. I am currently helping in computer science classes at one of the refugee schools, which I support with the Sting team (the organization that welcomed me as a European Voluntary Service).

Also this month, we are organizing workshops at the other Refugee School, the idea being to sell child-made materials and raise money for a multi-media projector for the school.

In my free time I make short trips around Egypt, or if I do not have the opportunity, I visit new places in Cairo. Until now I have been able to visit places like Alexandria, Noeba, Dahab and Sohna. I hope that In the middle of the next month I would be able to take a short walk to Luxor and Aswan. I am very glad that I decided to go to the EVS program in Egypt and would advise all young people to look for such opportunities and dedicate a couple of months to their life in favor of a cause.

We thank Vasko for the revelation and we continue to monitor what is happening in Cairo. He is a part of our team, committed to helping build a free access platform where you can find myths and legends from different parts of the world. The selected stories, we translate into several languages ​​and prepare them for audio files. Thus, on the one hand, you will be able to use our platform if you study one of these languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Latvian, Italian, Spanish and English, or simply enrich your knowledge with stories from the relevant countries, which will help you understand better people of the respective nationality.


The site will also have easy connectivity for mobile phones. The address is www.myths.studio and we are already preparing its alpha version for testing.

We also invite you to join our studio.

How to get involved:

– You can send us a story (a myth, a legend) that presents the characteristics of your nation. Point out the origin of this story. Convert the material in .doc format

– Send us text in English and in the original language;

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Do not forget to give us your name and where you are from. We will be happy to point you as a team assistant.

We expect you! Our myths.studio is open and is looking for its collaborators from around the world.


The project, which Vasil Zhelyazkov is in Egypt, is funded under the European Program “Erasmus +”, Key Activity 1: EVS