Number 1 of our ECHU Magazine is now on-line

By March 26, 2019News

The first issue of our magazine ECHU – European Cultural Heritage Unated us is ready

Everything about Martenitsa and a few tricks about how to make your martenitsa.

Author: Alice de Villeblanche (France)

Design and layout: Alice de Villeblanche (France)


ECHUu – “European Cultural Heritage Unated us” is a project focused on cultural heritage and the arts, which aims to strengthen the European sense of belonging and mutual help by combining training, research and working with the local community. The main focus is material and intangible local heritage, its digitization and sharing on-line.

In the long term, the project aims to develop synergies between European organizations working in this field by mobilizing available resources to tackle a major problem in small settlements such as: a high level of migration and an aging population whose disappearance will disappear and interesting traditional patterns and practices from the culture of Europe.

At present, in Veliki Preslav three young people are engaged in the mission to study, digitize and disseminate the intangible cultural heritage of Bulgaria. Alice and Gabin are from France and Danny from Bulgaria and for the second month they are in town to meet local people and record their stories and memories.

Stay tuned for the next materials on the topic:  #ECHU и #CulturalHeritageVelikiPreslav

The project is implemented with the financial support of the European Solidarity Corps