Interviews with candidates for volunteer service of archaeological excavations in the old capital of Preslav, Bulgaria have begun. And this year, young people from several European countries will arrive in Preslav town, to help archaeologists and museum workers in the old capital. For the third year, local people will welcome youth, tell the history and analyze today’s challenges.

A summer school for children and young people in the history, geography and archeology will take place this year. Children from the city are invited as well as those who are visiting during the holidays of their grandparents.

The project will allow young people from Latvia, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, the Netherlands to communicate with specialists and locals. It will expand their knowledge of Europe’s past by comparing history and progress to different parts of the continent in the seven-to-nine-seventh century. Local Club Live Heritage will present them with authentic equipment from different ages.

PRESLAVIAN GOLDEN TREASURE is already exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Veliki Preslav, returning from restoration in Germany.

The golden treasure is a brilliant illustration of life in Preslavian castles. It was discovered in 1978 in Castana, an area nearby the ancient town, during agricultural work. More than 170 golden, silver and bronze objects, decorated with cellular enamel, precious stones and pearls were found in the rescue researches that followed. A thorough analysis of the finding showed its collective nature. It consists of 10th – century ladies’ jewels made in Konstantinopolus and Preslav, but it also includes artifacts dating far back to the period between 3rd and 7th centuries. The treasure is stored in a special hall in the Archaeological Museum Veliki Preslav:

This project is realized with support of European program “Erasmus+”, Key action 1: European volunteer service

National Agency for Bulgaria: Human resurce development center 

peirod of the project April 2018 – October 2020